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images chat planet dinosaur

One of them is Pod, a male Pyroraptorand his two pack members, his two siblings. She bares her teeth and hisses at him. Agitated, the leader defeats the intruder by knocking him to the ground. The Aucasaurus pack trots ahead. After the rain, the pack goes on the hunt, refusing to help their previous leader, Broken Hand. In the vast deserts of Prehistoric Mongolia during the Cretaceous time zone, a lone female VelociraptorWhite Tip, is walking across the barren dunes.

  • BBC + Snap Chat = Planet Earth II Video Dailymotion
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    images chat planet dinosaur

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    BBC + Snap Chat = Planet Earth II Video Dailymotion

    Direct links to major video sites are preferred (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Come to the SECU Daily Planet Theater and go back million years ago to a time when dinosaurs ruled the planet. Paleontologist Dr.
    Later, in an attempt to find members of his own kind, Pod climbs to the top of a towering cliff and shrieks, trying to get a response. Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Das gets to his feet, and his mother bites him in anger.

    Frozen Planet clip _Episode 7_On The Ice_ BBC Earth Video Dailymotion

    Approaching the hatching period, the nesting ground is still guarded by a couple of female Saltasauruskeeping some potential plunderers off the nests. The pack of Elopteryx hear the cries, and respond.

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    images chat planet dinosaur
    That night, heavy rain pours down across the entire desert.

    Please try again later. Dragonfly, a teenage male, and his mate have been drawn by a corpse of a dead saltasaur. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pyroraptor Tarascosaurus Ichthyornis Allodaposuchus Rhabdodon identified as Iguanodon Magyarosaurus Elopteryx identified as Troodon Ampelosaurus identified as titanosaurs Unidentified elasmosaurid plesiosaur.

    But when they approach, the volcano erupts violently, miles of sky are lost in a heavy blanket of volcanic ash and dust that block out all the sunlight.

    images chat planet dinosaur

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    Our Blue Planet is a collaboration between the BBC's Natural History Unit and OceanX Media. Join the conversation on twitter; follow us @OurBluePlanet. After almost comical hype (including featuring as an item in the Six O'Clock News ), the Beeb's latest dino-fest is finally here.

    Planet Dinosaur is. Entitled 'Feathered Dragons', this week's episode of Planet Dinosaur focussed on the glut of feathered nonavian dinosaurs discovered in China.
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    Dragonfly bares his teeth and goes for an attack. The forest trembles and grazing sauropods pause their feasting to wait for the end of the tremors. This feature is not available right now.

    images chat planet dinosaur
    Chat planet dinosaur
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    In prehistoric Montana in the Late Cretaceous era, huge grasslands and patches of forest cover the region and the area is bordered by active volcanoes. He embarks on a quest to find members of his kind, exploring the island all the way.

    Blue Brow is the new raptor alpha and allows White Tip to join the pack as his mate. Primeval - fictional Fog worms - Duration: Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.

    When they do manage to find the Protoceratops herd, the other two female Velociraptors slide down the hill to goad them, while Blue Brow and White Tip go around to attack from behind to trap the ceratopsian dinosaurs.

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    1. The water inside the lake the Orodromeus herd drink from is boiling, and one of the Quetzalcoatlus nesting grounds are demolished by geysers that erupt out of the ground as the cliffside collapses.